AME - Marine Electricians and Electronics Specialists

At AME we pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge and outstanding customer service.  Our marine electricians and installers are skilled specialists in the diagnosis and repair of all major marine brands.  AME mobile technicians deliver exceptional and prompt service Auckland-wide.


With over 15 years' experience in both the automotive and marine electrical Industries, Scott has acquired extensive product knowledge together with hands on experience to make your electrical requirements work for you.

Starting out with an Automotive Electrical Apprenticeship, Scott's early years were spent fault finding starting and charging systems, diagnosing EFI and sensor faults as well as carrying out full rewires on rally specification and classic vehicles.

Scott's next career move was into the marine electrical industry where he was able to utilize his experience from the automotive sector.  After spending nearly a decade with a fast growing Auckland marine electrical company, the last two in a service manager role, Scott has acquired a huge understanding of the complex electrical systems that abound in today's nautical market.

Starting up his own business was a natural progression for Scott, whose hard work, commitment and dedication was recognized with Auckland Marine Electrical, being named Top New Installer 2017 by BEP Marine.

Scott's passion for all things fishing and boating is well known within the industry and when he's not working on clients' boats you'll find him out on the water in his own boat.

Senior Marine Electrician & Electronics Specialist Auckland

"At AME we're both technicians
and installers who know our
products inside out".

Scott Thomson

Marine Electrical and Electronics Specialist Auckland